Issue seventy Date of Publication August 1, 2023.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2023 by their respective creators.

Editor: Mark Young

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Satu Kaikkonen
Nine Pieces of Vispo + A Text Poem

Martin Edmond
Winter Journey

Scott MacLeod
Three Poems
Confederate Monuments

Ian Ganassi
Five Poems

Stephen Bett
Three Poems from Song Bu®st

Eric Hoffman
The Song of the Suffering Servant

R L Swihart
Two "Poems"

S. K. Kelen
Five Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
della notte / of the night
fiamma di candela/candle flame + Casa Delle Parole

Jack Galmitz
Six Poems & Three Paintings

Bob Kotyk
Two Poems

Jon Wesick
Not Even

Marzi Margo
Two Visual Pieces

Daniel Lehan
from the KODAK Series

Vernon Frazer
Two Poems
Four More Poems

Thomas M. McDade
Four Poems

Jennifer Weigel
Three Photographs

Giovanni Fontana
Three Visual Poems

Carlyle Baker
Four GIFs

Laurie Kuntz
Five Poems

Lynn Strongin
Seven Poems

Sanjeev Sethi
Four Poems

Christopher Barnes
Fragments 35 to 40

Ferran Destemple
A portrait of the artist as a young man

Vaishnavi Kolluru
come to me, boy

Brandstifter, C. Mehrl Bennett, & John M. Bennett
Fourteen Pieces of Vispo

Marc Isaac Potter
William's Pizza

Texas Fontanella
Seventeen Pieces of Vispo

John Bradley
Six Prose Poems

Laura Jeannerette
Sensitive Fish

Heath Brougher
Five Poems

Nate Logan
Three Poems

Paul Perilli

Joseph Buehler
Pennsylvania Girl

Mike Callaghan
to do or say, hand-to-hand combat

Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter
Three Poems

Paul Dickey
Four Poems

Yuan Changming
Emotional Curiosity

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Earth Research, Plates 24 to 34

Christian ALLE
Six Visual Pieces

Bill Yarrow
Four Comic Panels

Jim Leftwich
More Poems

Dale Jensen
Four Poems

Judith Roitman
Five Poems

Richard Kostelanetz
from The Quincunx Aphorisms

Laurent Grison
The Fall

Maileen Hamto
A Review of Eileen R. Tabios' Because I love you, I become war

Sabine Miller
Five Poems

Alison Ross
Three Poems

Javant Biarujia

Carla Bertola
Fifteen Pieces of Vispo

Alberto Vitacchio
Elaborazioni su un'opera specifica di Carla Bertola

Nathan Anderson
Five Poems

Ken Poyner
Five Drabbles

Jim Meirose
I Want to Go Pasture in the Sleeping-House

Márton Koppány
The Open Picture + Post-Visuals + FISH

Tom Formaro
Two Poems

John M. Bennett
Twelve Pieces of Vispo

Patrick Sweeney
Some Short Form Poems

Pamela Miller
Ghost Stories

petro c. k.
Five Photographs, Five Poems

Karen J. Weyant
A Review of Neil Flory's mudtrumbones knotted in the spill

C. Mehrl Bennett
Arse Doset I to VIII

Eleven poems

Kirsty Lewin

Hrishikesh Srinivas
Three Poems

József Bíró

Daniel Barbiero
Writing the Invisible

Rus Khomutoff
Visual Poem

Pat Nolan
Eleven Prose Poems

Kimberly Kuchar
Four Photos, Two Micropoems

Randee Silv
Four Wordslabs

DS Maolalai
Three Poems

Michael J. Leach
Uamh Bhin, or The Melodious Cave

Mark Cunningham
Five (owl) Poems

Dmitriy Shandra
The Eyes in the Sky Kept Buzzing

Carol Stetser
An Art History Mash-up

Sterling Warner
Three Poems

Texas Fontanella & Michael Orr
blckout 1 to 6

David Wolf

Dave Read
Twelve Pieces of Asemic Writing

Sheila E. Murphy
Two Poems

Sheila E. Murphy & K.S. Ernst
Three Poems

Tony Beyer
Two Poems

harry k stammer
Four Poems

John M. Bennett

Tom Beckett

Rosella Quintini

Michael Gottlieb
Selections from Collected Memoirs
from THE COLORAMA, 50s – 60s
from THE EMPIRE CITY, 70s – 80s
from THE LIFE WE HAVE CHOSEN, 90s – 2000s

Karl Kempton
portraiture: oceano dunes to tide line
part seven: blinks
blinks (cont'd)

Joshua Martin
Four Poems

Cecelia Chapman
Four Videos
Shinzo Co-Star

Mark DuCharme
Eight Poems

Réka Nyitrai
Three Poems

jim mccrary
Comments on lines from Leslie Scalapino

Doren Robbins
Ten Visual Pieces
Three Prose Pieces

Philip Kobylarz
Three poems

George Myers Jr.
I Still Remember Joe
Collage & Literature: Re-Membering the Pieces

Adam Fieled
from Equations: #37

Hugh Tribbey
Three Poems

Alan Chong Lau
Four Poems

Jacklyn Henry
Four Poems

Harrison Fisher
Feels of Dissolving Fact

Kenneth Rexroth
Six Columns from the San Francisco Magazine
Five More Columns from the San Francisco Magazine
Another Five Columns from the San Francisco Magazine

Thomas Fink
Two Poems

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal
Three Desk Calendar Drawings & Two Poems

Ed Go
Four Poems

Pete Spence
Four Poems

Adriána Kóbor
from Cléverre

Jerome Berglund
Three Poems

Roberta Beach Jacobson
Five Short-form Poems & A Visual

Scott MacLeod
Asemic Quintrains

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
Nine Poems

Jeff Harrison
Two Poems

Stephen Nelson
Eight Pieces of Vispo + Four Journal Poems

Joe Balaz
One Visual & Two Poems

Bob Heman
Two Collages

Bob Lucky
Seven Poems

Liz Teuber
Riddle for the Age

John McCluskey
An excerpt from A Moment of Fireflies

Gavin Lucky
Four Prose Poems

Elaine Woo
It’s All in the Vibes: Hate is Blind.

Rahul Santhanam
Six Narrow Poems

Debbie Strange
Six Visual Pieces

Steve Carll
Three Poems

Diana Magallón
Three Visual Pieces

Opal Louis Nations & Peter Cherches
Three Poems

KJ Hannah Greenberg
Two Visual Pieces

Susan Gangel
5 Reasons to Stay

Jeff Bagato
Ten Poems
New Brain Imprint

Nathan Whiting

Guy R. Beining
Two Visuals with Text Series

Javant Biarujia
Poems & Other Things

Tim Frank
Two Pieces of Flash Fiction

John Levy & Alan Chong Lau
the music of the street

Linda King
Three Poems

J.I. Kleinberg
Five Collage Poems

Ella O'Keefe & Tim Wright
Anagrams Old & New

Jurate Sasnaitis
the fork

Hifsa Ashraf and R.C. Thomas
Seven Tan-Renga

Harvey Huddleston
Learning to Tell Time with Elvis

Glenn Ingersoll
Five Poems

David A. Bishop
Shower Glitches

dan raphael
Three Poems

Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo
Seven Visual Pieces

Karl Kempton
Two Reviews

Jonathan Cant
Three Poems

Pam Brown
Two Poems

Penelope Weiss
Two Poems & a Photograph

Bernie Earley
Three Poems

Keith Nunes
Doors of Perception, 1 to 5, + Thusly

Anne-Marie Jeanjean
Two for Carla Bertola

Eddie Heaton
Two Poems

Robert Burton
Four Poems

Alan Catlin
from Memories

John Kucera
Three Poems

Steven Salmoni
from Kos

Jessica Grim
Five Poems

Rick Henry

Cherie Hunter Day
Five Collages

Pete Smith
Fourteen Poems

Tony Cosentino and K.S. Ernst
Bear Code 2

K.S. Ernst
Three Pieces of Vispo

Charles Freeland
Four Poems
The Modigliani is on Loan

Tejaswinee Roychowdhury
Hollow + Self-Preservation

Jane Downing
Three Poems

David Jalajel

Antonio Devicienti
Two Asemic Visuals

Eileen R. Tabios
Momentum's Profile

Damon Hubbs
Five poems

Eric Lunde

John Tustin
Three Poems

Robert Frede Kenter
Four Pieces of Vispo, Four Poems

Keith Higginbotham
Five Poems

John Digby & Bill Wolak
Eight Collages

Bill Wolak
Eight Collages

berni m janssen
Two Poems

Jill Jones
Six Poems

Barnaby Smith
A Poem & a Collage

Marty Hiatt
Two Poems

Peter Yovu
Seven Prose Poems

Mark DeCarteret
ear bone

Mark DeCarteret & Wayne Atherton
Two Collaborations

Bruno Neiva
Seven Visual Pieces

Susan Connolly
The Year in Ireland

Irmak Canevi

Irena Tall
Four Drawings

Michael Vecchio

John Levy
Four Poems

Tatiana Novikova
from Systems and Nets

Caitlyn Steer
Five Poems

Edward Kulemin
Rudimentary poetry

Olchar E. Lindsann
Nine Poems
from Arthur Dies, Second Chronicle, Book 1

Matthew Platakos
Two Poems

Jessica Dejanovic
Two Poems

Colleen Woods
Four Poems

Sarah Legow
Two Visuals, A Sculpture, & a Poem

Bobbi Lurie
Five Poems

Rico Cleffi
Two Collages, Four Poems

Linda M. Walker
Five Poems

Pearl Button
Poem by Painting

Kit Kennedy
Five Poems

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems & Seven Monostichs

Mark Melnicove
Six Photographs

nick nelson
an incident

fred flynn
assault on k-28

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Three Poems

Cy Forrest
Three Poems

nicky melville
MY homage

Edinburgh Mews
Opposites Tract: A Mews’ Bouche Language Event

Volodymyr Bilyk
from the cyberpunk poetry book

Marcia Arrieta
Five Poems, Five Visuals

Makenzie Matthews-Beard
Dear Diary

Mark Young
Un vers de Charles Trenet / A line from Charles Trenet


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.


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