harry k stammer

“there one”
the floor the wall
“take another” it will it was
(it won’t) if it (won’t) drop’d
“taken this” where no “why?” one way tagged

a little one (posed)
wall against’t pop! pop! pop!
(a balloon)
“little holes
 in the concrete”
bent down (knelt)
“this is/isn’t it”
bubbling by (trickles) down

cold beer (a room)
J put his hand in his pocket
(a bag)
“it’s a small one”
that (other)
sense three times four
($39) blanket and bed
“nice pillow” tomato (bisque)
window “it’s spreading, along”
ricochet “that’s more fucking shit!”
inner leg slice (it)
and cutting up slowly

pull out = 
sword less (once &)
“didn’t do it” will it-go up then
“not my finger nails” just blood
(y) ear (s)
“pull out” knee bouncing

harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA USA. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), grounds (Otoliths), and tocsin (Otoliths), sidewalkss (Concrete Mist Press), walls't's (Sandy Press) and -48 (Sandy Press). Recent noise/poetry pieces are available at
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