Individual pieces Copyright © 2006 by their respective creators

Issue three Date of Publication 1 November, 2006.

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Ray Craig
Partials in Swimsuits

Jordan Stempleman
Five poems

Jeff Harrison
Four poems

Andrew Topel
Four Spheres

Corey Mesler
Three poems

John M. Bennett
Four visual & four text poems

John M. Bennett & Reed Altemus
A Fluxlist Collab

Reed Altemus
Visual & text poems

Lars Palm
this thing just kept returning

Jesse Crockett
Light Trauma

rob mclennan
Five poems

Pat Nolan
Six poems

Jenna Cardinale
Three Poems

Rochelle Ratner
Five poems

Ian Finch

Paul Siegell
Five poems

Tom Beckett & Thomas Fink

Ayşegül Tözeren
Sixteen visual poems

Glenn Bach
from: Atlas Peripatetic

T. Walden
Three poems

Tom Hibbard
Two poems

Raymond Farr
Great Foe

Aki Salmela
Almost Beyond Recognition

Jill Jones
from: It sings through air

Nico Vassilakis

Kirsten Kaschock
Women I am not allowed to write about

Martin Edmond

Eileen Tabios

Sheila E. Murphy
Eight visual poems

Rebeka Lembo
Three hay(na)ku

Jonathan Hayes
Four poems

Jenny Allan
Two poems

Geof Huth
Six poems

Kevin Opstedal
Six drawings & paintings

Adam Fieled
from: Apparition Poems

Derek Motion
Two poems

Caleb Puckett
Three poems

Scott Hartwich
Two poems

harry k stammer
Four poems

Serkan Işın
from: dada korkut

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