Individual pieces Copyright © 2008 by their respective creators

Issue nine Date of Publication 1 May, 2008.

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This issue of Otoliths
is dedicated to Rochelle Ratner
who passed away on March 31, 2008.


Rochelle Ratner
Six Poems

harry k stammer
Four (Visual) Poems

Adam Fieled
Five poems from When You Bit....

Bill Drennan

David-Baptiste Chirot
The Cinema of Catharsis

Joel Chace
Scaffold, #s 16-18

Michael Farrell
Two Poems
Four Poems

Reed Altemus
Two Visual Poems

Andrew Lundwall
Four Poems

Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy

William Doreski
Three Poems

Duane Locke
from Yang Chu's Poems

Stu Hatton
Two Poems

Joe Balaz
Three Concrete Poems

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Raymond Farr
Six Poems

Esa Mäkijärvi
Four Poems

Bobbi Lurie
Four Poems

Julian Jason Haladyn
Three Poems

Simon Perchik
Three Poems

Suzanne Grazyna

Eileen R. Tabios
Two Poems

Diana Magallón & Jeff Crouch
Two Visual Poems

Jeff Crouch & Matina L. Stamatakis
Five Visual Poems

Thomas Lowe Taylor
Three Poems

Glenn R. Frantz
Pawing the Thorns

Angela Genusa
Two Poems

Randy Thurman
Four Visual Pieces

Philip Byron Oakes
Two Poems

Mark Cunningham
Five Trees

Geof Huth
Four Poems

Andrew Topel, Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett
Eleven Vispo Collaborations

John M. Bennett
Two Visual Poems

John M. Bennett & Luigino Solamito & Sheila E. Murphy
Visual Poems

Scott MacLeod & John M. Bennett
Two Visual Poems

Scott Macleod
Two Poems

Robert Gauldie

Adam Strauss
Three Poems

Marcia Arrieta
Three Poems

Elizabeth Kate Switaj
Four Poems

William Allegrezza
from Tracings from the Front

Ernesto Priego
Three Poems from Gravity and Grace

Ed Schenk
Three Visual Poems

Irving Weiss
Four Visual Poems

Mary Kasimor
Six Poems

Christopher Major
Three Visual Poems

Derek Owens
Sweet Burning Destiny of the Highland Duke's Reluctant Virgin Bride's Pulsing Fevered Desire

Paul Siegell
Two Poems

Daniel f Bradley
Visual Poem

Daniel Morris
Two Poems

Steve Timm
from Unastoria

Mary Ellen Derwis

Thomas Fink
A review of Sandy McIntosh's Forty-Nine Guaranteed Ways to Escape Death

Louise Landes Levi
A review of two books from Shivastan Press

Toni Simon
Sixteen Gouaches

Martin Edmond

Kirsten Kaschock
from confessional sci-fi

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