Individual pieces Copyright © 2008 by their respective creators

Issue ten Date of Publication 1 August, 2008.

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Barry Schwabsky
Four Poems

Geof Huth
Scenic Persuasion: Outside Housatonic, Massachusetts
Fourth Car behind a Schoolbus: Schenectady, New York

joanne burns
Four Poems

nick-e melville
Seven Visual Poems

Robert Gauldie
Four for Joseph Beuys

Thomas Fink
Nonce Sonnet 10

Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason
Two Poems

Bob Grumman
Mathemaku for Geof Huth No. 2

Bill Drennan
escape from dead city

Kristen Orser
from E AT I

Obododimma Oha
Two Poems & a Digital Painting

Reed Altemus

Raymond Farr
Four Poems

Christopher Major
Any Avenue Any Street

Mary Ellen Derwis
Visual Sequence

Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy
from Continuations: Section LVI

Felino Soriano
Two Poems

Matthew Stolte
Four Vi$ual Poems

Anne Gorrick
Two Poems

Caleb Puckett
Three Pieces

Philip Byron Oakes
Three Poems

David-Baptiste Chirot
In God We Rust
El Colonel wakes up from dreaming
from Thunder In The Blood (two pages)

Sandy McIntosh

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Robert Lee Brewer
Why I never mention the traffic report

Ashley Capes

Angela Genusa
Self Portrait & P'oasis of Assimilation

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Two Digital Paintings
from [....]

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen & John M. Bennett
Two Visual Poems

Baron & John M. Bennett
Four Visual Poems

Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett
Two Visual Poems

John M. Bennett
Two Visual Poems
Six Poems

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Counting the Stars

Clint Frakes
After Sitting Among the Candles

Charles Freeland
Three Prose Poems

Randy Thurman
Two Photographs

Alexander Jorgensen
Two Poems

Ryan B. Richey
from Hosey

Ray Craig
Found Poem: Traverse Across Cleavage
Zoo Noises
20 Minutes with John Solt

Julian Jason Haladyn
Three Poems

Jennifer Karmin
from remain x 21

Rebecca Eddy
Four Visual Poems

Martin Edmond
The Auracania Papers

MTC Cronin & Peter Boyle
Four Collaborative Poems

Alan Ramón Clinton
from Derrida's Austin is Unrecognizable

Manas Bhattacharya
Studies in Gray
Patient Labyrinths

Tom Hibbard
Two Poems

Bobbi Lurie
Five Poems

Cecelia Chapman
Evie's Red Hair
Black Pearls

Andrew Topel
from Sign Language (two pages)

Matthew Klane
from Sorrow Songs

Mark DuCharme
The Unfinished

Laura Goldstein
Three Poems

Michelle Detorie
Four Poems

Joe Balaz
Fairly Textual (Photographs)
Three Concrete Poems

Paul Siegell
Six Poems

Kate Schapira
Three Poems

Vincent Ponka
from The Korean War

m.R. koppp'
Two Visual Poems

Tom Beckett
An Interview with Nico Vassilakis

Nico Vassilakis
from The Fog Line
Porto Suite
Pre & Post Suite

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