Individual pieces Copyright © 2007 by their respective creators

Issue five Date of Publication 1 May, 2007.

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Paul Siegell
Benevento/Russo Duo & the Disco Biscuits
the New Deal & Toots & The Maytals
Bright Eyes

Andrew Topel

Jordan Stempleman
Three Poems
Road to Waterloo

Ernesto Priego
Five Poems
Spanish translations of poems by Eileen Tabios

Paolo Manalo
Tagalog translations of poems by Eileen Tabios

Eileen Tabios
Five Poems

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Katrinka Moore
Three Text & Visual Poems

Corey Mesler
Four Poems

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

Steve Rodgers
Five Visual Poems

Robert Lee Brewer
like apple cider spiked with spirits

Mark Cunningham
Five Poems

Martin Edmond

Steve Timm
from: Hearing Device

James Sanders
Three Visual Poems

Audacia Dangereyes
Guerrilla Substitutions

Thomas Fink
Mayan Hay(na)kus
Authentic Profit. Franchised
Ralph's Mama

Spencer Selby
Eight Visual Poems

Maria Zajkowski
Two Poems

Richard Lopez
Three Poems

Marcia Arrieta
Two Poems

Tom Hibbard
The Miracle of the Birds

Matina L. Stamatakis
Monochromatic Chromomeres: The Residuum of
Kyoto Nights

Louise Landes Levi
The Deep Diamond

Márton Koppány
Two Visual Poems
Introduction - for Sheila Murphy

Anny Ballardini

Jill Jones
Temperamental Sonnets
14 yard poems

Craig Santos Perez
Y Salmo Sija

stills from moundsville-code-curtain

Dax Bayard-Murray
In Memoriam, Russell Jones, The O.D.B., 1970-2004

Ed Schenk
from Trashtology
an inconvenient truth

MTC Cronin
Extracts from Trees Like Grasses

Alana Madison

Alexander Jorgensen
How Do I Make It Read
Poem on Poetry

Andrew Taylor
Temporary Residence

Carol Novack (& Stan Crocker)
Fish Triptych

Stephanie Green
Something was wrong with Kera

Maurice Oliver
Two Poems

Caleb Puckett
Three Poems
The Case of the Missing Chin

David-Baptiste Chirot
Twelve Visual Poems

Derek Motion
Two Poems

James Maughn
Kata : : some forms

Michael Rothenberg
The Diamonds
Two of Nine Oranges
Three of Twelve Dick Clarks
Four Panels of Florida

Tom Beckett
This Poem

Nick Piombino
Pages from Free Fall

Richard Kostelanetz
Erotic Minimal Fictions

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