Issue fourteen Date of Publication 1 August, 2009.

Individual pieces Copyright © 2009 by their respective creators

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Kirsten Kaschock
Five Poems

Pat Nolan
Five Poems

Márton Koppány
Still Life

Jim Meirose
A Teacher, a Package of Cocaine, and Two Dozen Eggs

Anne Gorrick
The Swimming Lesson

Caleb Puckett
Five Prose Pieces

Peter Schwartz
Four Photographs

Fredrick Zydek
Two Poems

Ed Baker
Five Visual Poems

Ross Brighton
"Words and Sounds for Nothing"

Derek Henderson

John M. Bennett
Four Visual Poems
Six Poems

John M. Bennett & Sheila E. Murphy
Two Visual Poems

Raymond Farr
"Putting On" Face

Jill Chan

John Martone
Five Visual Poems

Bob Heman
Three Collages

Philip Byron Oakes
Four Poems

Ric Carfagna
Trace Elements

Eileen R. Tabios
Maid of Honor

Justin Mulrooney
Three Photograms

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Eric Burke

K. R. Copeland & Jeff Crouch
Three Visual Pieces

Crane Giamo
Two Poems

Paula Kolek
Dream Songs

Daniel f Bradley
White Whitch 1 & 2

Arthur Leung
The Tree Remembers

Joseph Harrington
from earth day suite

Iain Britton
Three Poems

Thomas Fink
Tan Lin, plagiarism/outsource

Tan Lin
Plagiarism: A response to Thomas Fink

Kristine Marie Darling
Two Poems

Joel Chace

Paul Siegell

Mariana Isara
from Latent news sonnets

Jay Snodgrass
Two Poems

Bill Drennan
Nigglers: Part Two

Jill Jones
Six Poems

Stu Hatton
Four Poems

Nicholas Michael Ravnikar
Five Poems

Mara Patricia Hernandez
Three Visual Poems

Felino Soriano
Painters' Exhalations

Matt Hetherington
Two Poems

Marcia Arrieta
Four Collage/Poems

Charles Freeland
Six Poems

Vernon Frazer
Celebrity Montage in Captivity

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Two Paintings & A Poem

Julian Jason Haladyn
Three Poems

Martin Edmond
diptych: the future in the past

harry k stammer
Three Poems

Reed Altemus
Three Visual Poems

Randall Brock
Four Untitled Poems

Anny Ballardini
About Ducks, or of the Importance of a Category

sean burn
Six Visual Poems

A. Scott Britton
Four Translations from the Spanish

David-Baptiste Chirot
El Ojo de Dios
from Death From This Window
from Death From This Window (cont'd)
from Death From This Window (cont'd)

Joan Harvey
Two Poems

Mary Ellen Derwis

Bobbi Lurie
too much light

John Moore Williams
Five Visual Poems

Sarah Ahmad

Scott Metz
Some Haiku

Theodoros Chiotis
Two Poems

Sheila E. Murphy
Four Visual Poems
Four More Visual Poems

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