Issue fifteen Date of Publication November 1, 2009.

Individual pieces Copyright © 2009 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Ray Craig
Narita Kuko Ken-ekijo / Narita Airport Quarantine Station

Crag Hill
Six Prose Poems from Four'sCore

Andrew Topel
drafting a poetics
drafting a poetics (continued)

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

James Mc Laughlin
Two Poems

Bob Heman
Three Collages

Arpine Konyalian Grenier
A Place in the Sun, in Turkey, Malgre Sangre

Tyler Flynn Dorholt
Four Poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Two Poems

Chris Gordon
Six Mixed-media Pieces

Louise Norlie

Donald Dunbar & Andrew Lundwall
Five Poems

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

Márton Koppány
Four Visual Poems

Halvard Johnson
Six Sonnets

Kathleen Rooney
Four Poems

Rodger Lowenthal
Paul Siegell's jambandbootleg: A Review

Travis Macdonald
from The O Mission Repo, Vol. 2

John J. Trause
Three Poems

Kat Dixon
Two Poems

John M. Bennett
Eight Poems

Baron & John M. Bennett
A Visual Poem

Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett
A Visual Poem

John M. Bennett
Maya Heads

Robert van Vliet
The Life of the Mind

Cecelia Chapman & Jeff Crouch
Three Visual Poems

Yoko Danno

Charles Clifford Brooks III
Two Poems

j/j hastain
Two Visual Poems

Daniel f Bradley
Five from the murder of semiotics

Tim Marcuson

Michael Brandonisio
Shadow Hand, Three Positions

Lance Newman
Three Poems

Adam Katz
Three Poems

Andy Martrich

Jeff Klooger
Seeing And Making

Yonah Korngold
from noisy motions

John Martone
Four Visual Poems

Bill Drennan
Nigglers: Part One
the job

Karri Kokko
Eight Asemic Pieces

David Berridge

Ira Joel Haber
Eight Collages

Marcia Arrieta
Six Poems

Martin Edmond
Ghosts of Croydon

Andrew Topel & John M. Bennett
Jazz Duet

Felino Soriano
Painters' Exhalations

Jal Nicholl
Four Sonnets

Ed Baker
Five Poems
Four Visual Poems

Tony Rickaby
Four Visual Poems

Sam Schild
Five Pieces

Paul Siegell
from wild life rifle fire

Tom Beckett
Two Poems

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Two Paintings
Five Poems

David-Baptiste Chirot
from Big Day
El Colonel Improvises
from Les Fênetre Farouches
from Feral Windows

Jon Curley
from Stuttering Alphabetic Codex

sean burn
6 from svobodin

Tim Kahl
Gold Country [Dec. 17]

Mara Patricia Hernandez
Six Visual Poems

PD Mallamo
Sister Now

Carlyle Baker
Four Visual Pieces

Bobbi Lurie
purity becomes a kind

John Moore Williams
Five Viseoverbal Pieces

Dominic Amerena
Nu Disco

Spencer Selby
Two Visuals & Three Visual Poems

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