Issue eighteen Date of Publication 1 August, 2010.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2010 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Emma Smith
Four Paintings
Five More Paintings

Eileen R. Tabios

Mark Cunningham

Ed Baker
Pages from a Notebook

Piotr Gwiazda

Anne Gorrick
Two Poems

Ed Higgins
Two Poems

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Eight Poems

Manfred Weidhorn
Is There an Afterlife—For Imaginary Persons?

Carlos Soto-Román
Amateur & excerpts from Philadelphia's Notebooks

Sally Ann McIntyre
Three Poems

James Maughn
Four Peripheries

Mark Francis Johnson
Four Poems from Constant Hare

Sheila E. Murphy
Five Visual Poems

Amanda Earl
excerpts from the small of July

Orchid Tierney
Two Poems

Philip Byron Oakes
Six Poems

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

Joe Balaz
A Concrete Poem Trilogy
Three More Poems

Randall Brock
Three Untitled Poems

Meaghan Lank
Six Photographs

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Mary Kasimor
Four Poems

Bruno Neiva
Five Visual Poems

Benjamin Winkler
Three Poems

M. V. Montgomery
from Possibles

Ric Carfagna
from Symphony No. 1

Jessica Breheny

Jal Nicholl
Three Poems

Alexander Jorgensen
Poem for Discharming

Mark Stricker

Reed Altemus
Three Visual Poems

Jenny Enochsson
Four Poems

Felino Soriano

Corey Wakeling
Two Poems

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Two Paintings & Four Poems

Lars Palm
elk — a found poem

Thomas Fink
Two Poems

Dorothee Lang & Steve Wing
2 Layers

Larry Sawyer
Three Poems

Paul Siegell
oiL ill

Beth Boettcher
Gathering, Gathering

Charles Freeland
Five Poems

Jake David
Entry #5 Title: "Television: Day."

Márton Koppány
Two Visual Poems

Katrinka Moore
from Numa

Aidan Semmens
Six distressed sonnets from The Book of Isaac

Connor Stratman
An Opinion on Art

Stephen Nelson & Mike Cannell
the rise & rise & rose & a rose & arrows

SJ Fowler
Two Poems

Cath Vidler
Two Poems

Cecelia Chapman
Rocks & the Waves They Came From
More Rocks & Waves

rob mclennan
Three Poems

Cherie Hunter Day
Two Visual Poems

Neil Ellman
Midnight Blue

Geof Huth
More Calliglyphs

R. Riekki
When I Taught Poetry In Prison

Tony Brinkley
All my discarded dresses

sean burn
is that a bruise or a tattoo?
bi land and bi water

Scott Metz
some haiku

Travis Macdonald
from Concrete Jungle

Stuart Barnes
Two Poems

Spencer Selby
Four Visual Poems

Keith Higginbotham
Three Poems

Sam Langer
Two Poems

Tony Rickaby
Four Visual Poems

Bob Heman

Andrew Topel
assassin (cont'd)
assassin (cont'd)

Andrew Taylor
from Ladies and Gentlemen: Mogwai

John Martone
cold mountain / stones

Brad Vogler
Three Poems

Bobbi Lurie

Michael Brandonisio
Two Visual Poems & A Photograph

Yonah Korngold
Three Poems

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems

Tyler L. Gobble
A Review of Adam Robinson's Say, Poem

Sheila E. Murphy
A Review of Out of the Box: Contemporary Australian Gay and Lesbian Poets

Cassie Eddington
from way water when secret

Colleen Lookingbill
along the way